This is a white grape with small fruits and a golden colour when it ripens. It is cultivated mainly in Graves, in Bordeaux, and in the Loire, and has acclimatized to other countries like Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, California, and especially New Zealand. In Spain it is grown mainly in the DO Rueda and slightly less in Cataluña, providing a taste of certain tropical fruits when it is very ripe, and a light, floral tone.

This variety was not considered a classic until Sancerre and Pouilly Fumé were discovered by the high society of Paris in the 60s, followed by the rest of the world. Sauvignon has been used to make white wines in the Loire for generations, but the relative interest that it had aroused until then was due to the role it played in Bordeaux wines.

Today the fresh style of Sauvignon, lively and imperious as a tasty fruit, is highly appreciated all over the world.

Thanks to the effects of fashion, Sauvignon is omnipresent today. In the warm Australian climate and in New Zealand well-defined, fruity wines have been made from this variety. In Spain new white wines have been created, called Rueda de Sauvignon. Italy, Slovenia, Austria and Bulgaria produce considerable quantities of Sauvignon, but Austria has definitely achieved the best results so far.

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