Chardonnay is the most beloved white variety in the little group of classic vines. All over the world growers have tried to recreate, at least in part, the success that this vine enjoyed in its native Bourgogne.

These attempts have shown that it is a very adaptable variety, which can produce varied wines in a wide range of different places. It is easy to grow and endures all kinds of climates from the frosts of Champagne to the heat of Australia.

The classic wines associated with Chardonnay are those of Cóte d’Or, Çhablis, Máconnais and Champagne. In Bourgogne, it is used alone. In Champagne, on the other hand, it is frequently mixed with the red grapes of Pinot Noir and Pinot Meunier.

The white wine fuses the flavours of Chardonnay and oak, an excellent combination that is always found wherever this grape is grown. In general, oak barrels are used both for the fermentation of the wine and its ageing. Chardonnay has powerful aromas: in the warmer countries it recalls bakery, fresh butter, hazelnuts, giving way to the sharper smells of pineapple and exotic fruits. The best Chardonnay wines age well. Others, especially those that have not been aged in wood, are made to be drunk quickly. In the case of this grape, everything depends on the strategy of the winemaker.

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