This is one of the oldest winemaking varieties, and traditionally the most cultivated in Spain. It covers the largest area of Spanish vineyards, a third of the total, or 450,000 hectares, which makes it one of the most planted varieties in the world.

It is the predominant grape for white Manchego wines and produces the largest amount of monovarietal wine globally. It is grown mainly in all of La Mancha and Valdepeñas, especially in the provinces of Cuidad Real and Toledo, and rather less in Albacete and Cuenca. In the past mass production of this grape gave rise to rather boring wines, but today it is elaborated with care and offers pale whites with fruity aromas. The taste is smooth and agreeable but without any outstanding characteristics.

Airen is a rustic, fertile variety with late sprouting and ripening. It is very resistant to drought, so it has acclimatized well to the arid conditions of La Mancha. The vine is vigorous, healthy and quite resistant to diseases, and for this reason was planted widely in the peninsula after the Philoxera plague. The wines are characterized by a yellow colour, and some are quite pale, with a greenish hue. The aromas are moderately fruity, with tones of ripe bananas, grapefruits and fresh vegetables. The body is tasty and digestible, without excessive complexity.

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