Treatment of thermotherapy in vineyard

Last Friday, 02/11/2018, Plantvid presented the new company Termoplant, in Aielo de Malferit. In the presence of the representatives of Plantvid himself, Antonio Castelló and Rafa Sánchez Calatayud, the professor of the Polytechnic University of Valencia Josep Armengol, the researcher of the CSIC David Gramage and the creator of the machine Rodrigo Gomar.


This new company was born with the main objective of carrying out the thermotherapy treatment, which will allow to obtain plants with a greater vegetal health. Ensuring, therefore, future plantations with higher quality production and higher yields.


Thermotherapy is a process that requires high precision, since the plant material is heated up to temperatures of 50ºC and a maximum time of 45 minutes, depending on the purpose of the treatment. This process is critical, since not having the technology and precision offered by the new machine could damage the plants.

The treatment of thermotherapy will allow us to eliminate diseases such as wood fungi, which include a large number of species such as Tinder, black foot, Petri disease and Eutipiosis among others. Other diseases such as Agrobacterium vitis, Phytophthora, Golden Flavescence and xylella are also controlled. It is even able to control pests such as phylloxera, mites (Calepitrimerus vitis), Planococcus ficcus and nematodes. (D. Gramaje, 2016).


The continued and widespread prohibition of active substances has led to an increase in the proliferation of all these pests and diseases. At Plantvid we are aware of the challenge this entails. Achieve a free production of pests and diseases, improving the phytosanitary status, respecting the regulations in force and making an Integrated Production in which every day is more respect both the environment, as applicators and finally citizens. All this, while still offering a first quality plant, with a high plant health.


The union of all these factors, is possible thanks to the technique of thermotherapy.


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