This is the variety of the Rhone and Australia par excellence. Recently it has become fashionable in Spain because it is ideal for growing in warm areas. The grapes are ovoid and small with a very pleasant taste. The wines possess a characteristic aroma of violets and very ripe black fruits. Nowadays it is presented as a grape with a great future, to combine with Monastrell.

Australians has taken Syrah to their heart, especially because it was one of the first varieties to be planted there. They call it Shyraz. The climate in the Rhone valley, the homeland of Syrah, shares many points in common with that of many Australian vineyards.

For a long time it was believed that Syrah originated from the city of Shiraz in present-day Iran, and that Greek sailors introduced it into Europe in ancient times. However, historical research has shown that it may come from the Dauphiné, and descended from wild forest lianas that grew beside lakes and rivers and were later domesticated.

Syrah offers a regular and very abundant harvest but is a challenge for winemakers, especially if it is used alone. For common wines it is preferable to use it as an added variety, because it can contribute spicy nuances and an increase in interesting factors to an characterless blend. Its cultivation in the Midi has been stimulated by numerous subsidies, so its typical concentrated, smoky tones appear in many wines throughout the country, from Provence to the Aude.

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