All the evidence suggests that Spain was the origin of red Garnacha. This vigorous variety is the second in planted area, with 14%, as well as 4% of global cultivation, which places it at the top of the list of red wine varieties.

It is reckoned to have originated in Aragón, specifically the province of Zaragoza, whence it spread gradually to neighbouring regions and then to almost all of Spain. Then it crossed the Pyrenees to settle in the South of France, and is now found in most winemaking countries in the world.

This is a very vigorous variety, which is resistant to drought, but prone to mildew and botrytis and with a late sprouting and ripening. Garnacha can produce wines with good alcoholic content, a golden red colour and moderate acidity.

Nonetheless, these wines age quickly and are prone to oxidation. Rosés from Navarra, fresh and fruity, are typical, but the main use of this grape is concentrated on blending for the creation of many well-known red wines.

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