Vinification black vine plants are those whose product is to be used for the production of wines and must.

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  • Grape harvest and wine production: prospects in Spain for 2018

    Those of us who are part of the "grape world" (vineyard nursery owners, vine growers and consumers) know the events that took place in it during 2017. Now,What are the prospects for the harvest of grapes in Spain by 2018?We recommend reading this ar…

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  • Choose the plant well for the vineyards

    The good wine grower knows that everything depends on the plant. A vineyard will produce more, it will be more resistant to the weather, it will make you sick less and, in short, it will live more years at full capacity if the plant chosen for its m…

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  • Vine rootstocks: the importance of choosing well

    Before starting a vineyard, you have to make a very important decision: which vine rootstocks you will use to plant the vineyard. Normally, wine growers devote a lot of attention to this aspect, because it is fundamental to the success of the planta…

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