Today same 11/22/2018, we are selecting this excellent Tintorera plant grafted with Pausen 1103. The plant has a dense and perfectly distributed root. Also the diameter of the stem is really thick.

The Pausen 1103 pattern is one of the most resistant for areas with salinity problems. In addition, it brings great vigor to the plant, which ensures a good precocity.

The blue shark variety is widely known for providing a strong red hue to wines. This quality is due to the pulp red color. It is not usually used as the only grape to produce monovarietal wines, but it is usually used as a color improver. Although, we can say that it can provide aromas of plum, green pepper, hay, orange peel, eucalyptus.

Regarding the qualities in the field of this variety, it has a semirrastrero, early sprouting and medium maturation characteristics.

It is sensitive to mildew, however it is quite resistant to powdery mildew and rot. The origin, after many possibilities and debates, has been confirmed as a cross between Garnacha and Petit Bouschet, locating its origin in France. When it is cultivated in a traditional way it is able to resist situations of water stress.

An interesting anecdote is the use of this variety during the dry law in the United States. This was mainly due to the quality of being able to add more wine due to the powerful color. The high price of the wines, the lack of production and the absence of controls due to the illegality of the activity, favored the technique of aguado. In addition, this variety possessed a thick and resistant skin to the transport, that evidently was made difficult by the dry law.


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