Today in Plantvid, white goes the theme.

We are selecting the two varieties of white grapes with the most presence worldwide, it is Airen with Pausen pattern and Chardonay with Ruggeri 140.

The variety of Airen is extended up to 30% of the total area of ??the vineyards of Spain. Lately the wines of this variety are increasing the quality, due to a better elaboration. In general, its wines are characterized by a pale color with yellow iridescence; on the nose notes ripe fruits (banana, pineapple or grapefruit), and mouth, despite lacking some acidity, are quite tasty and pleasant, easy to drink but without becoming elegant.

The Pausen pattern, as mentioned in the previous publication, will give the plant better performance in areas with salinity problems, as well as greater vigor.

With regard to the Chardonay variety, we can highlight its versatility in several aspects such as location and use. This variety can be used to produce dry white wines, sparkling wines and even liqueurs. Balanced wines are obtained, well fitted without stridencies of flavor or smell. The typical aromas are complex (dried fruits, hazelnuts, grilled flavor, exotic fruits, butter, etc.). It is also suitable for fermentation and barrel aging.

The Ruggeri 140 pattern is similar to the Pausen, this also has the advantage of resisting the active limestone well.


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