How to create a cellar at home

If you have a passion for wine and would like to be able to keep it at home in the best conditions and thus have access to it at any time, this post will interest you. Today we explain how to have a cellar at home to keep the wine in perfect condition.

What you need to have a cellar at home

What you should know:

Needs of the room: It is recommended room with little or no illumination of the sun, the darker the better, at a temperature between 10 and 16 degrees Celsius, a relative humidity close to 70%, free of strong odors, without drafts , vibrations and no movements.

Bottle racks: Bottle racks for storing wine bottles must be in a horizontal position for better wine conservation. We recommend that they be wooden structures, better than metal or plastic.

Decoration of the winery: For the decoration of the winery it is always attractive to place objects and / or pictures of rustic style, or any interesting idea that places us in an agrarian environment.

How to create the winery

Creating a cellar at home is very simple, although we must choose a suitable place and meet a series of important requirements.

Condition the room for the cellar

To build a cellar in our home we need a space with a cool temperature, which is dark and with a humidity that does not exceed 70%. The ideal temperature for wine is between 10 and 16 ° C and the degree of humidity contributes to not drying the cork because otherwise it can let air pass and end up spoiling the drink. It is also important to keep the wine away from direct sunlight, the basement or the garage will be ideal. The stairwell can also be used as a warehouse if we believe it meets the requirements.

Another important aspect is that of odors, therefore, we will never store wine near aggressive cleaning products or any other element that gives off a strong odor. Vibrations, movements and air currents are not very recommendable for good wine maintenance, so we will try to keep everything away from the place intended as a winery. All these measures are recommended for wines that are going to be stored for a long period of time. If they are going to be consumed in a few days they do not require as much attention.

Organize the wine cellar

Once we have the room in conditions we will have to place the bottle racks. It must be taken into account that they must be in a horizontal position, which is how the wine is best preserved since it is in contact with the cork so that it does not dry out in this way. The bottle racks, it is always advisable that they are made of wood instead of metal or plastic.

The last step will be to decide with what types of wine we want to fill our particular cellar and why not? Decorate the room with some object or rustic style that makes the space more pleasant.


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