Vineyard and grapevine nursery: the varieties of late cycle

Buy vine plants should be an action that is carried out in a conscientious way, advised by professionals in the field and always resorting to a vivarium.

If you have opted for it now, you should know that November is characterized as being a month in which the vintage of grape varieties known as late cycle or long cycle is carried out.

As knowledge is essential when going to the vines nurseries, we will give you the most remarkable characteristics of each of the predominant grapes in the November harvest.

Buy late cycle vines

Petit Verdot

If you buy vines of this variety you will find small clusters, with small grapes and whose strain is very resistant to the inclemency of the weather. In wine, it provides a taste with a taste of red fruits, good body and powerful color. You will find it in red wines.


Its bunches are large and compact with very dark colored grapes, almost black. This results in a wine with a very intense color, violet tones, and very aromatic. An ideal grape to be the base of young red wines or rosé wines.


This variety of grapes occurs in clusters that have a size between medium and large. In addition, they have a marked conical shape. The grapes tend to be smaller and bluish in color. The wines that are made with it (especially the rosés) are quite sugary and with a high alcohol content.


It is the most planted white grape in the world. It develops in very large clusters whose grapes are rather medium in size and with a yellowish color. Its wines are pale yellow, without much acidity but with an important alcohol component.

Come to your vineyard to inform yourself and buy the best vines!

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