Tips for the care of grape grapes

The vine of grapes is one of the most grateful plants in nature. For your care you just have to dedicate a little time and do a little basic and simple care. In this way, the vine will have a long life and will offer us quality fruits with all the health benefits that they bring, as well as their properties and vitamins. If you have a grape vine in your house, in your garden or in your country house, read well the advice to take care of the vine of grapes that we give you next and you will be able to benefit from this wonderful fruit to take care of your health and that of the yours:

Buy a grape vine

First of all you will have to select the type of grape that you like most, that you can buy in Plantvid vine nurseries. You will have to choose a type of vine that, apart from the fact that the grape is your choice, adapts to the weather and the climate of your area.

It is recommended to look for a sunny area, with loose soil, slightly rocky and with good drainage. It is interesting that it has enough fertilizer, although with abundant humus and organic fertilizer in spring it will be enough for the vine to develop with all the necessary nutrients.

Once you have bought the vine and you have planted it in a place in your garden or in your field, it will take about three years until it has grown considerably.

Care of the grape vine

You have to go guiding it year after year through the surface where you want it to grow, so that it occupies the space that interests you. To guide you we have to provide a good base trunk and two branches.

In very cold areas, in winter it is advisable to protect the roots from low temperatures by placing an insulator on the base, a padding at the base. Frost can damage all the growth you have experienced during the spring. To isolate the roots you can use dried leaves, cut herbs, newspaper or any other material that isolates from the intense cold.

To water the vine of grapes it is better to do it at intervals, making sure you do not put too much water, since the grape vine needs sun, heat and little humidity.

When the fruits begin to grow, we can protect the grapes from the bites of birds, wasps or bees. We can surround them with brown paper leaving the bottom part open. We can also leave a bunch of grapes free so that the insects and the birds are fixed on it and do not bite the rest.

To have larger grape grains, we can clarify the vine and that there are fewer bunches. Even to each cluster we can cut a few grapes, clarifying and make them larger.

In case of pests or fungi, you can also take measures to obtain a fruit of excellent quality.

If the use you want to give the vine is to make shade in summer, we must take into account that we are interested in being well populated with branches and leaves.

Following these simple tips for the care of the vine of grapes you will get excellent fruit from the vine, and you will be able to enjoy them, both to eat in desserts, in salads or in recipes with grapes. You can also choose your own homemade wines with excellent quality grapes.

Grape harvest begins in late summer and lasts until mid-autumn.


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