How to make homemade wine

If you are lovers of good wine, it is very likely that you have once considered the possibility of making homemade wine and even create a cellar at home to store the bottles of wine and keep them in the best condition. It is a somewhat long and complex process, but with a little skill and patience anyone can bottle their wine in an artisanal way at home following general guidelines. If you propose it you can get wine with fantastic results.

How to make wine at home

It is important to consider several considerations:

  • Grape: Depending on the type of grape selected we can make red wine, balnco, rosé, dulce, mistelas, etc.
  • Fermentation: The fermentation of the grape is a fundamental process by which the must will become wine and requires a few days of rest.
  • Bottling: We can design and print our own label to place in the glass bottles in which we deposit the wine.

Extract the juice of the grapes

The first thing we will have to do to make our homemade wine will be to choose the type of grape we are going to use, since the variety of wine that we will obtain will depend on it. Once we have the grapes we will have to press them. For this, we can make use of the feet as it was done in the past or get a press designed for this purpose. The most recommendable option, without any doubt, is the second one, since this way we will obtain better results and we will amortize the investment as soon as we have given it a few uses. Next, all the results obtained must be deposited in metal or mud pots and left open for a few days until it ferments. It is often said that for every 100 liters of wine we have we will have to wait 2 days. Once this time has elapsed we will have to filter the fermented wine using three filters, so that each time we let less lumps pass, until we get a wine free of impurities.

Macerate and bottle wine

Once we have the wine elaborated and completely filtered, we will have to deposit it in a closed container for at least 30 days so that it macerates correctly. The ideal is to use oak barrels to give it that special flavor they provide. It is important that the place where we place the barrels or containers is fresh and does not have alterations in temperature. When the maceration time has passed, the wine will have to be filtered again to eliminate any residue that may have arisen during the previous process. Finally, we will pack it in bottles, to be able to be glass, which we will close with a cork. We will wait at least thirty days and we will have our homemade wine ready to consume.


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