Choose the plant well for the vineyards

The good wine grower knows that everything depends on the plant. A vineyard will produce more, it will be more resistant to the weather, it will make you sick less and, in short, it will live more years at full capacity if the plant chosen for its manufacture is of the highest quality. For this reason, choosing the vine nurseries correctly where to make the seedlings is essential for the success of your future vineyard.

In Viveros Plantvid we are specialized in the production of selected vine and vineyard plants of the highest quality. We choose the best varieties and crosses and modifications that best adapt to the characteristics of the land, the climate and, even, the techniques of the local vine growers. Therefore, you must let yourself be informed by our experts: they are the ones who will help you choose the perfect plants for your lands and your needs.

Vine nurseries with certified plant

The key to choosing your supplier of vine plants and rootstocks is that they are companies capable of certifying the genetic material. The importance of this aspect is enormous, because only the certified vine plant guarantees that it complies with sanitary standards.

It is also important that you choose a nursery that works with good processes. That it assures you that the plant has the necessary vigor and that the grafts are well welded to the rootstocks that form the basis.

Also, if you are going to do a late plantation (in spring, taking advantage of drip irrigation, for example) make sure that the plants are resistant and your root system will not have problems rooting. In this sense, the most advanced nurseries will help you analyze the earth to determine which plants will develop better in them.

Therefore, remember that choosing vine nurseries well can be the difference between the success and failure of the vineyard you are projecting. Go to the specialists of Plantvid and let yourself be advised by them.


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